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Title: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: Getyourselfahotdog on August 23, 2015, 07:59:47 PM
Thanks to all the guys at the Asylum for another fun event. PAPA style tournament is very difficult and to have the opportunity to experience this format for a flat fee was a treat. The games played great and the king of the mountain tourney was also fun. Sinbad was a great choice for that tourney as Sinbad is the ultimate equalizer. Congratulations to Joe for winning and Sebastian,Joel, and Vince for making it to the finals.

We are so lucky to have a venue like the Asylum to play pinball. After visiting Pinburgh you realize how fortunate we are to have access to working games from all eras to compete on. I know there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on to put on events like this , thank you guys for all do! I can't wait for the next one.
Title: Re: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: pinballcorpse on August 23, 2015, 10:18:44 PM
Yes thanks to everyone involved.  It was fun.

Congrats to the winners. Joe was really warming up in the semi finals and handily beat me at our tiebreaker to see who advanced to the finals.  Joel was tearing it up from his very first set of finals.  Good finish for him.  Sebastian has played the most solid and consistent pinball this year I have ever seen.  Vince quietly came from up north and with his playing loudly proclaimed I am here!

Good job guys!

I enjoyed having the software available to link to up to date live standings, as it was quick and efficient and allowed players to keep track of statistics.

I study the qualifying phase very closely.  I like that the PAPA qualifying format allows for a lot of decision making and strategy on what to do especially with multiple games in the bank. 

Unfortunately I think a lot of players still don't fully grasp the fundamentals of the PAPA format, let alone the nuances of the strategy.  Maybe it's time for another seminar  :)

Another thing was that the software lets a player see how consistent they were and their game choice history.  Since a common argument at tourneys is people can buy their way in, I always like to check my "one and done statistic", at any event; in other words,  how was my very first "planting seeds" run.

This software tracks all of the entires. At other events, I manually enter my scores from my first few tickets and check later where they would have fallen if I had not played any more.  It's more of a personal performance tracking.

I can see at this event,  308 points qualified and my first entry ended up at 309 points which would have qualified for finals.  Right on the edge.  Keep in mind that the values will only go down over time.  The 309 points started off at somewhere around 350 points but dwindled as more people play.

If my stats are available, so are everyone else's , so....

It shows that 4 total players would have qualified on their very first entry : Jeff, Sebastian, Dan C. and Kurt. 

I have not had the guts to ever play one and only one entry and trust it will work, but often I find though my analysis that my first entry would have been good enough for top 16 which is comforting.  However, I am not ready to travel for hours to a tourney and only play one entry just for the sake of an experiment  :)

I could also see which games people were camping out on and what games to NOT pick against players in the final rounds.

Anyway, that's the fun stuff to me. 

Thanks again to the Asylum and I enjoyed seeing everyone and playing some competitive pinball.

Congrats to everyone again!

Title: Re: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: John I on August 24, 2015, 07:17:00 AM
It was a great tournament.  Congrats to Dan for getting that awesome software.  I wrote my own PAPA software last year and it really sucked!  In the end mine worked, but having tablet scoring is the way to go.  There was a little wait for scores to be entered, but it was nothing compared to the waiting lines on a normal tournament.  Another reason I like this format.   :-)

12 machines ran strong all day aside from one quick glitch on Flash Gordon.  Mechanically speaking this was a great tournament.  I love having the cameras on a few games.  Its great watching others play.

Its always great to hang with the Florida Pinball crew and I had a lot of fun despite my poor showing!  One last note, it was great having Marcel in there playing with us!  Congrats on his great play and congrats to Joe and all the winners.

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Title: Re: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: pinballcorpse on August 24, 2015, 08:18:18 AM
I was real happy to see some of other FLiPS members playing! 

Forgot to mention the best part of the weekend was watching the little kids in awe getting to meet Santa.  It was priceless.

I am glad Santa plays pinball with us!
Title: Re: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: Getyourselfahotdog on August 24, 2015, 10:04:43 AM
You bring up several good points on the nuances with the qualifying phase Jeff. I never really looked at it that close but it seems Freedom, Kiss, and surprisingly Sinbad got 80+ plays vs Tx sector, ding dong and Ripleys which were around 60. So if your ticket had the lower played games odds were better that you would not get knocked down. I felt pretty safe with my ticket so instead of playing offense I played defense on a few tickets looking at who was directly above me in the overall standings and picking out there week games to knock them down a few points which in return bumped
Me up. It is very difficult to get 5 steady solid games which means usually you can gain a point or two on someone else's ticket as long as your not tied to the same game. This leads it all back to what games people were trending to play. I got bumped out of a bye when Sebastian took both of the 2 high point spots on NBA which cost me 5 points going from 7 to 9 th position. Another aspect I never thought of but the risk reward could really hurt you more than help you so I stayed away from playing NBA once it was the big point grabber on my ticket.

With using the software it will be fun to go back and look it a little closer.

Title: Re: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: Ron Donohue on August 24, 2015, 11:08:57 AM
I had a really good time.  I like the format.  Over time, I figured out where my strengths were at, and candidly they were not where I expected them to be going into the tournament.  If you had told me prior to the event that NBA Fastbreak would play a big role in my success, I would have laughed at the idea.  In the end, I had two tickets that would have qualified.

My highlights of the day (other than hanging with friends) were moving from 15th to 7th on my very last entry and getting to plunge and walk on two of the three games I played in the first round of the playoffs IO played.
Title: Re: Thanks to the Asylum for another fun event
Post by: Getyourselfahotdog on August 24, 2015, 01:47:50 PM
That's funny how Rons highlights were my nightmares, one mans junk is another mans treasure. Great play this weekend Ron, I'll get you next time.