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Title: ACPR #2 details
Post by: the architect on April 15, 2017, 06:41:57 PM
stopped in to the daytona pinball and arcade museum just of international speedway towards the beach area. they have plenty of classic arcades as well as some pins.

the location is fantastic and we would get to use the stage for the tournament, as well as project standings/streaming on their overhead projector. they have an in house pizza bar as well as plenty of hip places to eat in the same strip mall. its a great facility that is very 80's. its an old nightclub that has an interior that is colosseum themed. looks like it will be a great facility for future events and has a decent size capacity.

unfortunately to allow for other events to operate within the state without interference we need to hold this event in the very near future without much notice. so at this point we are going to submit to the IFPA schedule for friday/saturday/sunday, may 19th-21st. this is just over a month away, sorry about such short notice. however this would provide a great points grab for everyone that hasn't played much this year to date. last 3 day tournament if swept shelled out 32+ points!

would love to get some feed back on this quickly as we can make minor adjustments to times etc at this point.

were thinking we will run it the same exact way we did last time, as a match play 3 rounds w finals friday and 5 rounds w finals sat/sun. half the field for finals, byes for top seeds. tournament will have games from all eras and groups will play across all eras in matches. thank you and i look forward to seeing you guys there.

i will be working on hotels etc in the next day or two. when i figure that out i will post a link for  the room rate/reservation link.


176 n beach st
daytona fl
Title: Re: ACPR #2 details
Post by: John I on April 22, 2017, 09:27:56 AM
Sounds cool Joe.  ACPR #1 was certainly a great start and I really liked the format.  I look forward to playing at least one day in ACPR #2!

Let me know if you need an EM or two. 
Title: Re: ACPR #2 details
Post by: Miracleman on April 22, 2017, 08:25:08 PM
Would museum admission be a seperate additional cost?

$20 a day, $50 for 3 days is what their website lists, looks like a neat place though (heavy on vids)

Title: Re: ACPR #2 details
Post by: the architect on April 24, 2017, 12:41:54 PM
One price to rule them all!