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**SPF Updated News**
« on: October 18, 2012, 10:23:53 PM »
Some updated news!!

Universal Crowne Plaza is offering 25% off all food and beverage for the entire weekend during SPF for anyone who has a show wrist band!  Great deal for all attendees!!! 

Rooms are filling up fast!  I would suggest getting your room booked soon!  We are working with them to extend the rate.

GAMES!  Please send us an email about what games you are bringing, we look forward to adding it to this already great list of titles!  The sooner the better as we are trying to eliminate duplicate titles.  It's never too early to say THANK YOU for all who have already committed your games, we DEEPLY appreciate your amazing support to the success of the show!!

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Re: **SPF Updated News**
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2012, 12:49:54 PM »
I was by the hotel yesterday and it is really nice.  The pinball loading area is a LOT better than the areas at SPF or APE last year.  You pull up out back and go right in through the loading dock door, across a hallway and directly into the main show room.  There are no steps or curbs to go over.  There is also an area for bus parking that is being reserved for us to leave trailers.

The food in the hotel is also quite good.  I had the fish tacos...  With the 25% discount, the prices are very reasonable! 

I have been working on getting my games together for the show.  It looks like I will have the following:

No Fear.   This game is freshly shopped to my anal standards.  It will also include a prototype of a product called "LED OCD".  This is a really cool product that eliminates flicker from LEDs under inserts and makes them turn on and off slowly like a real bulb.   I think it is well documented that I hate LEDs in pins that weren't designed for them.  This product makes the LEDs look really good. 

Paragon.   This is a new game in my collection and is very nice.  It has a clearcoated playfield and recently stenciled cabinet.  Most importantly it is playing 100%.

Jack in the Box:   This is a really fun EM that I just completely stripped and rebuilt the playfield.  It just came back from getting the EM guts tuned up by Fred in Boynton.  The game is playing great and FAST.

Fire Queen.  This is a beautiful EM that was also just stripped, rebuilt and run through Fred to make it 100%

Quick Draw.  Another great EM.  See above!

At this point I am not sure about my Target Alpha.  It is broken down and I won't bring it if I can't get it fixed.

Hopefully lots of other collectors will be bringing games to the show.  The main room is plenty big to handle more games than last year, so please contact Donny and Leon to sign up to bring games!!

Wanted to buy: 
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