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FLiPS 2012 Detailed Stats All Events
« on: December 01, 2012, 11:50:03 PM »
FLiPS Tourney Stats 2012

This is a summary of the results for all FLiPS events in 2012.

The list essentially includes those that are 4th place or better (4th place is usually where the line is drawn)

Of course I also have the Super Grover results, which I’ll leave out.  You know and we know.

If you see any errors, please LMK.  Also, some results may appear missing.  These are probably people that placed but are not FLiPS regulars.

Thanks to everyone who has come out.  Hope you are having fun

Names are listed alphabetical by first name.

Month and Format

January 2012  "Pay to play" players given "coins" to use to play balls on a game

Feb 2012        N/A

March 2012     One handed "klassic" (easy to figure out)

April 2012      One ball to rule them all (play one ball, do or die single elimination)

May 2012       N/A

June 2012      Pin golf, 4 rounds, par 3 course

July 2012       Composite scoring, 2 rounds, then finals.

August 2012   Wheel of Death. 3 random games per round random groups of 4.

Sept 2012      Baseball team format

Oct 2012        Composite scoring 2 rounds then finals

Nov 2012       Super Heroes vs Super Villains. (Individual competition per faction followed by team matchups)

Dec 2012     Composite qualifying/multiple rounds/last round "Tommy mode"


Atticus   2nd place Jan
            4th place Oct
            3rd Hero Nov

Brian D.  3rd place Mar
             1st place Jun
             1st place July
             Winning team Sept
             Winning Villain squad Nov
             1st place Dec

Bruce    1st Villain Nov
             Winning Villain squad Nov

Bryan B.  3rd place Apr
               1st Hero Nov
               4th place Dec

Chris      Winning team Sept and MVP

Dan       Winning team Sept
             2nd place Oct
             3rd Villain Nov
             Winning Villain Squad Nov

Denise   Winning Villain Squad Nov

Dilayla    Winning Villain Squad Nov

Donny     2nd place July
              Winning team Sept

Eric F.    4th place Apr
             3rd place July
             2nd Villain Nov

Eric L.    1st place Mar
             3rd place Jun

Jeff       1st place Jan
            2nd place Mar
            1st place Apr
            2nd place Jun
            4th place July
            2nd place Aug
            3rd place Oct
            Winning Villain squad Nov
            2nd place Dec

Joel      Winning Team Sept
            Winning Villain Squad Nov

Kevin     4th place Jan
            Winning Team Sept
            1st place Oct

Luz        Winning Villain squad Nov

Marcel    2nd Hero Nov

Nick       3rd place Jan

Ron       4th place Mar
             Winning Team Sept
             Winning Villain Squad Nov

Sebastian  4th place Aug
                Winning Villain Squad Nov

Spencer    3rd place Aug

Steve    2nd place Apr
            1st place Aug
             Winning Villain Squad Nov

Sunni     4th place Jun
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