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Re: Playoff Predictions...
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I sound like an old man (because I am) but I have had no interest in the halftime shows lately and did not watch any of it this year.  Even though it is all pre-recorded and lip-synched I much prefer watching The Who or McCartney over the Black Eyed Peas and Beyonce.  The Aerosmith halftime was a joke when they played with 'N sync and Britney Spears (I think).  I was less than impressed that they had a Destiny's Child reunion this year.  Now if they could get Zeppelin back together I would listen.  I would even be ok with some 90's grunge bands.  With the Super Bowl in the Meadowlands next year, at least we won't have to worry about a half time show next year as nobody is going to perform outside in New Jersey in February.