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Thanks Curly and Diane

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Fun times seeing old friends, playing in the tournament and enjoying the day. Thank you again Curly for your hospitality and all the great work you do for the animals and the
pinball community.

And those trophies were off the hook (prok you rock). Congrats to Mike, Ron, Jeff and Sebastian.

Those trophies are awesome. Any more pics of them?

Ron Donohue:
Just getting back up to speed.  As usual, an outstanding event.  Nothing but praise for the organization, the host, the hostess and all of the volunteers that make this event one of the best of the year.  Thanks to Donny for the hard work of running the tournament, Prok for the trophies, Batman for the tunes and all my friends for the laughs and the good times.  Met some new folks, and hope to see them again.  Saw a lot of familiar faces, which is one of the main attractions for me.  Congrats to Doghouse Dave and Eric R.  I am happy for anyone who wins, as I know how great it feels. but was particularly happy to see Eric win.  He is a truly good guy and it was great to see his reaction and joy.  Enjoy your game my friend.

Sure I missed some folks, but it was great seeing all of you and spending the day with the extended pinball family.


Thank you to Curly and Diane for opening your home to all us pinheads! This annual event keeps get bigger and better!
Thank you to all the volunteers, you guys did a great job. Thank you to Donny for doing what you do best. Batman awesome tunes all day!

The day just flew pass. I had a super time talking to all you pinball people, way too many names to mention all by name! It is like a twisted family reunion. It was good to see nice faces in mix as well.

Congrats to Mike, Ron, Jeff and Sebastian! Some strong play by FliPs group. Brian those trophies were unbelievable! Super design.

Thank you my friends for all the nice donation for the Pinball Asylum.  Spencer/ John, sorry about the Paragon backglass, my it rest in pieces.

Congrats to David and Eric. Two machines have great homes now!

See you all next year if not sooner.

Have Fun,



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