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2013 NFL Draft


John I:
I was in LA for the first round of the Draft.  I didn't even realize it had happened!  There is no NFL team in LA, so there was no buzz there at all.  I did get to follow the rest of the draft loosely when I got back.  My two favorite teams:

Jags:  I love the idea of getting an Offensive lineman with the second overall pick in the draft.  This guy Joeckel is a beast.  Hopefully the Jags can rebuild around him the way they once built a great team around Tony Boselli.   They also picked up two good looking wide receivers and a ton of help for a defensive secondary that was riddle last year.  To me this was a great draft.

Bucs:  Bucs traded their first pick for Revis.  Assuming he comes back healthy this was a good trade.  The jury is out on the rest of the picks.  Not sure why on earth they used such a high pick on a QB?  Schiano may be bringing on a QB controversy by drafting his own guy behind Freeman.  There are other players they needed more than a QB at that point in the draft.  Time will tell, but I don't think the Bucs did as well as the Jags this off season.

How did your team do?

I think the Bucs have some question about Freeman as he hasn't progressed in 2 years.  QBs are extremely difficult to pick correctly and it takes them nearly 7 years in the NFL to fully develop, so most teams in the awkward position of having an under-performing QB with only a few years under his belt with the choice to sit pat or make an unpopular move by trading, cutting, or acquiring an insurance QB.  I'm guessing the 3rd round QB is more insurance at this point, but I agree they had other more pressing needs.  Jury is out for them, but their draft success depends on whether Revis can come back from injury fully, considering they gave up a a 1st rounder for him.

I really don't follow college football much, so I learn about the players as they do a little bio on them as they're drafted.   

Gruden sure seemed down on the Fins trading up and taking Jordan instead of Lane Johnson. 

Pretty interesting draft, as the first seven picks were all linemen!   O lineman made up 3 of the top 4 picks!   

I think the Jags got the best player of the draft... those clips of Joekel made him look like a beast. 

Can't wait for the season to start, gonna be a long summer!!


--- Quote from: mECHsLAVE on April 29, 2013, 09:06:22 PM ---Gruden sure seemed down on the Fins trading up and taking Jordan instead of Lane Johnson. 

--- End quote ---

You can take that with a grain of salt... if Gruden knew how to draft he would still be on the field rather than sitting in a booth. ;)  But frankly no one is very good at drafting, which is why we see players like Ryan Leaf go #2 and Joe Montana go #82.  It's about getting lucky, drafting for your system, then developing your talent.  Maybe Jordan is a "system" player rather than the best talent at #3?


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