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Thank you Dave for hosting!
« on: June 09, 2013, 01:07:26 AM »
Another awesome FLiPS event.

Many thanks to Dave and Carolyn for all of their efforts in putting together a great event. Next time get more pizza would ya? (LOL)

For those of you not there, I have never seen so much pizza at an event. It was out of control. (Very tasty but more than enough food!).  People were leaving with prizes AND full pies!

The tourney was a hat trick event.  The tourney was fast and fun and there were more people trying to get Super Grover than I had ever seen. Sebastian ended up with it, but only after a random draw!

More details in another thread, but you know with FLiPS it was surreal. Major props to Donny for KILLING the 1 ball ACDC portion of the competition. There was a one ball RFM portion and a home rom LITZ version! Mix the scores together for a scoring festival! Just pure fun-the way FLiPS likes it.

1st place Roly
2nd place Donny
3rd place Jeff

Super Grover Sebastian

There was plenty of food, drinks and pins.  Good times as always!

It was great to see many of the regulars as well as the Miami crew.  Everyone had a great time, even Aldo who is 86! AWESOME!  I suspect the inclement weather kept some away.  We'll catch you next time.

Thanks again Dave for hosting the "30th annniversary" of FLiPS

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