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Re: Terrible start to season!!
« Reply #15 on: December 31, 2013, 11:21:02 AM »
Sad end to a roller-coaster Dolphins season.   Start 3-0.  Lose 4 in a row.  Become focus of nation-wide anti-bullying movement.  Realize Jonathan Martin is just a spoiled kid with a high-powered attorney for a mom.  O-line from the land of lost toys impresses (and then doesn't)!   Late season wins against the Steelers and Pats put us in contention.   Going into the final two games just needing to win and get in, and we lose both to finish the season on the wrong side of the playoff bubble for another season...

Sherman needs to go.  Ireland needs to go. 

Too many conservative run calls with our season on the line in the last two weeks!   Sherman waits too long to allow Tannehill to go no-huddle, until we are too far behind for it to matter.  Same exact offensive scheme the final two weeks.  Run the ball 2 yards, run it again for a loss, force a horrible O-line to defend 3rd down and long and nobody makes a play.  Rinse-repeat next series. Rinse-repeat next game.  etc.

Too many top talents let go for mediocre talent (Dansby, Bell, Bush, Long, Marshall...etc).   The high-priced guys we brought in to replace those guys all were under-acheivers this season.  Wheeler and Ellerbe are the two worst FA moves Ireland made, coupled with letting Dansby go (might've been LB of the year other than Kuechly) and of course letting Jake Long go...which laid the foundation for all the Jonathan Martin nonsense and losing our O-line. 


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