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Detailed Results September FLiPS
« on: September 09, 2013, 09:58:19 AM »
FLiPS 9/8/13 Tourney: Gone in 240 Seconds.

This was a modified version of the drag racing theme used in March. 4 games used this time per round (except finals).

No pre-qualifying, jump right in to racing.

20 Players were randomly paired up against an opponent.  The 2 players competed head to head on 2 machines playing both concurrently.  Player 1 starts a 2-player game on his machine and player 2 starts a 2-player game on his machine. 

Both players are racing in LANE 1 on a machine.  This is a 1-minute TIMED round. Players have 1 minute to score as high as possible in LANE 1.  If a player loses the ball before the 1-minute mark, they have crashed and just step away and the score stands as-is. If the player is still playing at the end of the 1-minute mark, the player stops when TIME is called.  The ball(s) drain and bonus is counted.  Both players now have a score in LANE 1.

The players now switch machines and are racing in LANE 2 (player 2 slot).  Same format. 

At the end of the next 1-minute round, the scores are compared on each machine and tallied.   

This was repeated over FOUR GAMES (The 240 seconds part).

The 4 games were TAF, AFM, ACDC, XMEN

Round 1 matches

Stephanie defeated Josh 3-1
Eric F. defeated Larry 4-0
Carlos defeated Joel 4-0
Chris L. defeated Ron 3-1
Eric L. TIED with Shelly 2-2
Rich defeated Donny 3-1
Brian D. defeated Steve 3-1
Adam defeated Chris M. 3-1
Sebastian TIED with Dan 2-2
Fred TIED with Josh W. 2-2

The (2) 0-4 results were Larry and Joel.  These 2 battled it out on ACDC to determine who was left with Super Grover.  Joel lost and was awarded Super Grover.

All 2-2 ties advanced to next round.

In order to fill the slots for the next 16, the (5) 1-3 scores were given a chance to reenter.  There were only 3 slots available, so top 3 advanced.     

A single game was played on a randomly chosen game.  Game was TAF. Player order was random.  Same format of 1-minute game.

The players (in order of play) were

Josh H,.
Chris M.

Josh, Chris and Donny advanced. 

(Quick side note: TAF can be brutal.  There is no ball saver.  Single ball times in this playoff round ranged from 7 seconds to 37 seconds.)

Round 2

Same format as before: Randomly paired players from previous round on (4) 1-minute games on 4 machines

Chris M. TIED with Stephanie 2-2
Sebastian defeated Shelly 3-1
Donny defeated Brian D. 4-0
Josh W. defeated Carlos 4-0
Adam TIED with Fred 2-2
Josh H. defeated Eric L. 3-1
Eric F. TIED with Dan 2-2
Chris L. defeated Rich 3-1

TIES were settled on randomly chosen X-MEN this time

Players (in order of play):

Chris M.
Eric F.

In order to fill the slots for the next 8, there were only 3 slots available, so top 3 advanced. 

Adam, Chris M. and Stephanie advanced

(Side note no. 2: many players started Weapon X multiball just as time was called. So the balls were in ball save mode even though time was called which made for an interesting last few seconds of the game.)

Round 3: Same format as before: Randomly paired players from previous round on (4) 1-minute games on 4 machines

Chris M defeated Chris L. 3-1
Josh H. TIED with Josh W. 2-2
Stephanie defeated Donny 4-0
Adam defeated Sebastian 4-0

Josh H. and Josh W. played a game on randomly chosen X-MEN.

Josh W. advanced

FINAL 4 Round:

Stephanie TIED with Adam 2-2
Chris M. defeated Josh W. 3-1

Stephanie defeated Adam on randomly chosen TAF

Josh W. and Adam then battled a single game on TAF to determine 3 rd and 4 th slots.

Adam defeated Josh so Adam = 3 rd, Josh W. = 4 th.


Chris M. defeated Stephanie on ACDC so Chris M. 1 st, Stephanie 2 nd


Chris M. 1 st
Stephanie 2 nd
Adam 3 rd
Josh W. 4 th

Super Grover: Joel

Congrats to the players!

Thanks to Eric F. for hosting and to all the players for showing up.  Hope everyone had fun.  See everyone next time around.

Losing with integrity is better than winning with arrogance.

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Re: Detailed Results September FLiPS
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2013, 12:10:34 AM »
Really cool format!  Thanks for posting. 

Congrats to the winners of course.   :)
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