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Wow, anyone forsee this a year ago, two years ago?   Crazy how fast you can fall in the NFL with a few losses in a row.   I think it was as much about Freeman's work ethic as anything else.  When you are the QB1 and your work ethic is questioned, it's usually the beginning of the end.   These days NFL QB's are almost like coaches to the other players.  They expect the QB to be there early, to be able to answer any question about the offense, to lead by example, etc.   Freeman seems like he lost his motivation and work ethic.  He played like a QB who hadn't studied enough film these past few weeks.

This new guy seems interesting, big gunslinger!   We'll see...

John I:
I guess it is not too surprising at this point.  Drafting a QB so early kind of telegraphed what a lot of people suspected about Freeman not being Schiano's guy.  Schiano is on the verge of losing this team.  If Glennon doesn't work out, this season could go from bad to worse.

Yeah it is amazing.  Two years ago Freeman looked like a franchise QB and now he is basically out.  Who would have thought.

Elite players have an elite work ethic.  Every week the announcers showcase Peyton Manning's work ethic... not only his own physical preparation, but extra practices he organizes, for which he's been accused of wearing out his receivers.  He prepares for his opponent with as much game film as the coaches, and then outside of football his charity work is extraordinary as well.  In other words his example alone raises the bar for everyone else on the team.

In contrast Freeman misses meetings, is late to team pictures, comes to games unprepared, making rookie throws in his 5th year.  What team member wants to follow that example?  It's why they pulled the "C" from his jersey before the season started.  I'm still a bit stunned he is benched but I think Schiano is feeling heat because that offense on paper should be stellar.  At this point if Schiano can't prove it's Freeman, Schiano himself may not make it to next year.  Schiano is acting a bit like Josh McDaniels did when he became the coach of the Broncos and immediately alienated Jay Cutler because he wasn't "his guy."  It's childish, and it is why McDaniels is no longer a head coach.  It's a risky move for Schiano, and may cost him a job.

It will be interesting to see how Freeman does with the Vikings.


--- Quote from: RUReady2Rock on October 08, 2013, 05:22:24 PM ---It will be interesting to see how Freeman does with the Vikings.

--- End quote ---

He'll be 3rd on the depth chart when Ponder is healthy.  Freeman will probably never hold a starting QB job in the NFL again.


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