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St Augustine hangout this Saturday the 19th

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My place, Saturday the 19th, around 6/7PM til whenever we get tired of playing!   

WOZ, Metallica, GNR, Airborne, Monster Bash, Whitewater, SWEP1 will be available for play, with maybe one or two others.   904-540-1333   

I lost a bunch of contacts over the summer with a iOS reset so just text me before you come by if you need address!  Plus I have a small place so I do reserve limiting people if crowd is too large!

John I:
Thanks for the invite.  Not sure of my schedule this weekend, but I will try to work it in.  I'd like to get some time in on WoZ and METLE.  The only times I've played WoZ the software was really early compared to what you have now.

Too bad it is so far away...

Jason, thank you for inviting me into your home to play your fabulous collection.  I was very impressed with WoZ.  It was very helpful listening to your explanation of the ruleset.  Too bad my retention is that of a gnat.  Master of Puppets and Airbourne are great additions.  I like how you mixed up your collection.  It was a fun time and always great to see you and Eve!


John I:
I wish I had time and energy to make it!  I'm sure it was a great time.  Sometimes I wish Florida wasn't so big and spread out.


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