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In my main league, I missed the playoffs.  But we went into this weekend with the possibility of a 7-way tiebreaker for the 2-4 spots.. Very cool.   Lots of Bears and Cowboys still to checkin, so we won't know til then.

In my other league, only a $50 buyin, I am the top seed going into the playoffs.   Despite some bonehead play throughout, like benching Decker last week when he broke records, and never knowing when to play Fitzgerald, I squeaked through 10-4 into the playoffs.   I lost Gronk, which hurts my fantasy team but helps the Dolphins chance to make the playoffs! 

Nafster and I will be at the Pats v Fins this Sunday!  Excited, gonna be epic (I hope)!   If anyone watched the first Pats Fins game, you noticed there were 4 pivotal calls on 3rd downs in the game, all of which went the Pats way, and two of which were bizarre calls: the line judge 25 yards away calls PI on the db on Gronk over the middle, where the db made first contact with the ball and the back juge waived as far play, the guy who had the view.  For whatever reason, the flag was not picked up and the Pats ended up scoring.  The sack/fumble on Brady, right at the end which would've given us possession in Pats territory with a chance to win, was ruled an illegal batting of the ball since the ball squirted away from the first fins player to grab for it.  Just a horrible horrible call that sealed the game for the Pats and reversed everything to advance them with a first down in Fg territory.  That is the one loss of the season that does not sit well with me, and we are hopefully going to avenge it this weekend!!  How about that group of misfits from the land of unwanted toys that we call our Offensive line controlling the game this week??  They won the battles at the line all day.  I love these final runs at the playoffs at the end of the season, this is the best time of year!,

John I:
Its been a crazy season.  Look at how many snow games there were yesterday, yet they were still high scoring.  Great fantasy day.

I had a pretty terrible fantasy year due to running backs.  This is what I had to deal with as the first 2 RBs in 2 leagues, a who's who of under-performers or in the first case, season ending injury... and without a single positive surprise in any of my later-round RBs, my teams were essentially DOA.  Too bad as the rest of my rosters were decent.

A. Foster
T. Richardson
L. Miller
S. Ridley

I missed the playoffs in one league, and I lost in the first round of my other league, where I was top seed as of Sunday am.

Nobody buy myself to blame.  I had the points on my bench to win but didn't make the right moves.   Alex Smith and Mike Wallace were on my bench and those two substitutions would've won it for me over Decker and Luck.

I have a chance at the 3rd place money this week but not overly excited about Fantasy anymore...  the NFL season on the other hand is incredible high drama at the moment.   Dolphins could actually still win the AFC East... you kidding me?    Nobody would've believed that after week 8, I assure you, going into week 16.

I have toyed with the idea of benching Brees against the Panthers defense and start Cousins against the Cowboys for the title in one league.  I will probably chicken out and start Brees.


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