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Pats v Fins
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:30:41 PM »
Just had to thank Jon and his wife Eden for taking us with them to the game on Sunday.  We had a blast and the seats were killer!  Two of the three TD's happened right in front of us.  Lots of rowdy NE fans in our section, which added to the drama but sweetened the victory ever so much at the end.   The game had to be a near sell-out.   It's just one of those magical December games that I'll remember forever.

We had NE jerks right next to us, and as they're getting ready to kickoff the drunk roided guy next to me starts screaming that "Tannehill F'N Sucks!" and of course I'm seated next to him in a Tannehill jersey.  So his friend is grinning at me as they continue to chant and be obnoxious.  I simply grin back and say "We'll see!  We'll see won't we?"  And he agreed, "Yes we will see!" in the condescending way you flatter a kindergartener, laughing in the way only a spoiled fan of a dominant franchise can.  I just smile and nod.

What we saw was Tannehill make some seriously impressive throws on Sunday.   He threw the fastball (those bullet slants to Hartline and Wallace...esp the TD pass to Wallace at the end of the first half).  He threw the finesse passes like the big 3rd down throw to Matthews on the final drive (who made that awesome catch), and the game-winner to Thigpen!  The pass to Thigpen was a thing of beauty and much more difficult than it looks, like Tannehill had it under remote while in flight.   He missed Hartline on the final drive on a game-winning TD...overthrew him by a couple steps.   He also missed Wallace wide-open on by an underthrow...but he was also hit right as he threw it.  But overall, under those circumstances, against a master of Defensive adjustments in Belechick, Tannehill really played outstanding, as did many of his playmakers!  (I know I would've failed a cardio exam during, after, and prior to the 4th down catch by Clay!)   Overall 3 TD's and 0 INT and in sync with his playmakers, I was proud to wear #17 on Sunday. 

How seriously high is the competition in this league?   (Or how deep are the 49ers on D?  That's another way to look at it).  Thomas comes in off the 49ers practice squad on Tuesday, learns some of the coverages, and then makes two of the biggest plays of the game/season, at the most clutch times imaginable, against the best QB of this era, just a few days after arrival.    Only playing because of injuries to Grimes and Carrol, and filling in a gap, Thomas broke up a certain Amendola TD catch just two plays before he made..... THE INT, the biggest INT of the year, and he doesn't even know most of the defensive signals yet.   Welcome to the Dolphins!   Watching the locker rooms interviews yesterday, it appears that team morale is genuinely at a season high.  D and O both made huge plays when they needed to, and it was a well coached and well played game.

Of course since one of the big Fins fans on our left spilled one of the obnoxious Pats fans' beer on his way to his seat, there was lots of cursing and man-slap fight attempts at the end right after the INT that I had to break-up between the Pats on my right and the Fins on our left.  I never even saw that we had to kneel it out at the end, it was slap fight time soon after the celebrating haha! 

The moment after the interception it was bedlam, and the guy to Eve's left high fived me with both hands, grabbed my hands and would've let go, he just kept screaming "We beat the Patriots!!" and shaking me back and forth.  Eve must've looked like she was caught in the middle of a Night and the Roxbury for a moment LOL!  Then the Pats fans started trying to push the guy around me and the slap fighting began.  I was holding them apart because Eve was caught in the middle.  And of course when guys are being held back then the jeering immediately goes to another level!  Luckily Jon and Eden pulled Eve out to the next level while I was holding them apart and then I was tempted to just step out of the way at that point and let them go, and I think the big old dudes on my left might've actually taught the young roided out NE thugs a lesson.   But the Pats backed away cursing and being sore losers (one still wearing a Hernandez jersey, no less. Really?).  As the Pats left, the celebrating and high fives could continue!  My hands were literally still stinging as we made our way to the parking lot.  What a game!

If you aren't a Dolphin fan, you might not understand the significance of this win.  It was serious emotion.  I know I's just a sport, just football, etc.  But the Pats have been the best in the league over the past 10 years, and lords of the AFC East during that time.   Wins against them have come rarely during that time, with none in several years.   And it's been a rough season, with lots of ups and downs, mostly downs.   Well, it happened Sunday, and although at this point my confidence is high we will make the playoffs, no matter what happens the rest of the way, we've had a seriously special moment this season ....when we really needed one as Dolphins fans.  A game I won't forget!


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