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Final LSOG Open House!?

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John I:
Copied from Pinside.

I'll sure miss these parties.  No doubt these open houses helped build Florida into the massive pinball state that it is today.  With so many events around the state, its time for Curly and family to kick back a little and enjoy/support all of the new shows and events around the state rather than having to put on their own event.  Thanks for all the great times. 

Last year's event on video:

I hope it's not the Final one!    I always enjoy Curly's party, and while there are now many shows in FL, Curly's is something altogether different.   It's a centrally located one day party, with machine raffles, food, music, outdoors, single day tournament, etc.   There's nothing else like it, and I hope it continues even if we have to donate to foot the food bill or pay a entrance fee, what have you. 

Anyway, see everyone there in April!   :)

Last year was the first year Atticus and I went. It was awesome!  Too bad it took us so many years to make it.

We will be there again.

POOP! That means this year I HAVE to win the nib AVATAR that no one else will choose!

Pinballs on the Move plans on coming down for Curly's last shindig. If you buy or sell a game between now and the time of his event give me a call or email me and we can work out the details. I am looking forward to the Open House and may even have a suprise up my sleeve.


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