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POPS 1 Year Anniversary/Tournament of Champions May 3rd at Randy's

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To Celebrate 1 Year of the Pinball Orlando Players Club, we're inviting all past champions to Participate in a Special Tournament that Day!

More Rules to follow, but we hope to have it consist of at least 2 rounds of 5 Games, with a PAPA style points system (similar to the last POPs event Tournament)

Still working out the details, but Randy was gracious enough to agree to also host our Tournament of Champions

Most likely a bit before the Full POPs on the 3rd (or earlier, probably 12-3pmish, details TDA).

The list of Champions on the Cup is...

Spencer (Miracleman)
Kurt Van Zyl
Julia Neumann
Al Neumann
John I
Buck Stine
Johnny (Chilidog)

Please RSVP guys if you can make the date.  We will have to plan groups and such around the number of participants and if everyone can make it. 

This decides who keeps the 2013 Cup as we will retire it for a new one!

Thanks again!

John I:
Cool.  This sounds like a great idea.  Fortunately I don't see anything on the horizon that would keep me from being there either!

That is a tough list of competitors too.


I enjoyed the new points system at Brian's, but I think if started a bit earlier it would be more fun to do the TOP 2 from each round move on.


John I:
Dang.  Well I guess you guess are spared...  I have to go back to Los Angeles and will be on the plane back on the 3rd.  Oh well barring a change of plans the POPS 2013 Cup will not reside at my house.

I am waiting to hear details from Buck regarding the IFPA tourney they have advertised for this POPs event.


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