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Thanks to Curly and all the people who made the LSOG Open House Possible

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John I:
It was a great time yesterday and every time before that too.  It is always awesome hanging out with the Florida collectors in that setting.  I have a video to post later.  Any idea who won the tournament?  It was too late for me to stay!

More later...

I heard it finished about 1am as follows:

1st place - Jeff Palmer
2nd place - Howard Levine
3rd place - Joe Geneau
4th place - Dan Coyle

wow, congrats to Jeff and all the others who made it to finals!

Finals were extremely competitive at this tourney and it took a LONG time to play the rounds. (Which was good to be able to play the games rather than the games playing us).  It was a lot of fun playing a brand new Stern Mustang machine for the first time in a tourney. 

Qualifying was tough as expected. With only 8 slots, the competition was heated with many great Florida players missing the 8 player cutoff.  Great matches in the quarter and semi finals rounds and congrats to my fellow final 4 players Howard, Joe and Dan C.  I enjoy playing with everyone as always.

See everyone at the Asylum in late May.


Thanks to Curly for all of these events over the years!  If it really was the final year then it will be missed!!!  We had a blast as always and it was great seeing everyone!


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