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The Python Anghelo print from the raffle

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John I:
I was lucky enough to win a really nice signed 1 of 50 Python Anghelo prints at the LSOG Open House.  I know a lot of people were wondering what it was and I didn't want to open it up at the Open House for fear I might damage it.  I snapped a picture of it with my phone the other day before bringing it over to the local framing shop to design a custom frame.  The frame parts should be in within a week and I should have the finished product by the end of the month.  I will post another picture then. 

Most of you probably know that Python passed away last week.  He truly was a genius.   From what I understand he worked right up until the last couple of weeks relating his visions for some great projects and we may see one or more of them come to life in the near future...

Here is a teaser for now:

that's the one i was wondering what it looked like! thanks for the pic, sweet...

I WANT THAT! Beautiful.

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John I:
Here it is in its frame.  I had a custom frame made with double matting.

That is amazing!  That was the prize of the raffle, no doubt.  Congrats


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