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IFPA/ Project Pinball Fundraiser- Crossroads
« on: July 29, 2014, 06:31:07 PM »
Thank you to John for opening his new home to host this Project Pinball Charity event now known as the Crossroads Tournament. You truly have a “one of kind” arcade, a great collection of pins and an amazing house. Thank you my friend.

This was a great event for so many reasons. I was overjoyed at the sight of the all the people that participated, jumped in to help to make this event run smoothly and a huge success that it was. This charity event was a great showcase of people working together to get things done.

Thank you Jeff and Doug for your unwavering devotion to scorekeeping, keeping things moving right along.

Thank you to Claire for your volunteering and long time invested to running the side tournament for us. You are fantastic!

Thank you for Joe and Lauren for sitting with John to assist him when he most needed it.

Thank you to Doctor Bob for the use of his brand new Wizard of Oz and for donating all the wonderful food.

Thank you to Julia for her awesome enthusiasm in the kitchen and for doing such a wonderful job keeping everyone fed and their bellies happy.

Thank you to Kurt and Jeff for pitching to bring games that could be used in the tournaments.

It was fun just to hang out and play pinball with and at times against you guys! Thank you for being my friends.

Thank you to all of our dedicated Florida players that showed up for this Florida’s first PAPA style format.

Congrats to all of winners!

Main tournament: 1st place winner Jeff Palmer. Jeff battled his way to first over the top qualifier Joe Geneau. Well played.

Side tournament: Mike Tedesco was on fire with this final score on the Wizard of OZ with his blistering score of 336,776.

It is through the continued support from many wonderful friends like you that Project Pinball is able to grow to bring more pinball to the Children’s Hospitals. Thank you all for your continual participation, warm support and giving that allowed Florida to rise above and shine across our nation.

Full Final Position for tournaments:

Main Tournament- PAPA style

1. Jeff Palmer
2. Joe Geneau
3. Carlos Porta
4. Dan Coyle
5. Tied- Atticus Palmer and Dan Spolar
7. Tied  Howard Levine and Jason Cody
9. Brian Dominy
10. Eric Cady
11. Sebastian Bobbio
12. Kurt Van Zyl
13. Joel Cohen
14. Ron Donohue
15. Spencer Carey
16. Jim Beam
17. Lauren Emmel
18. Al Neumann
19. Mike Tedesco
20. Danny Conlin
21. Tom Myers
22. Jeff Smith
23. Josh Beam
24. Teresa Beam
25. Doug England
26. Mark Mueller
27. Nick Mueller

Side tournament- Wizard of OZ

1. Mike Tedesco
2. Sebastian Bobbio
3. Kurt Van Zyl
4. Jeff Palmer
5. Jason Cody
6. Daniel Coyle
7. Howard Levine
8. Brian Dominy
9. Spencer Carey
10. Eric Cady
11. Ron Donohue
12. Jim Beam
13. Tom Myers
14. Atticus Palmer
15. Dan Spolar
16. Josh Beam
17. Teresa Beam
18. Joe Geneau
19. Dan Conlin
20. Doug England
21. Lauren Emmel
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Re: IFPA/ Project Pinball Fundraiser- Crossroads
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2014, 07:00:45 PM »
Thank you Dan!!

Ill add a few names: 

Thank you Ron D for lending me the extra air conditioner that kept the Garage comfortable.  Also, thanks for bringing Turbo Fred and Fred the pindoctor.  Both were a big help during the day! 

Thanks to Dr Bob for not just the food and WoZ, but the Indiana Jones and all the good suggestions.

Thanks to Phyllis Shipley for the great painting that became the flyer and event logo.

Thanks to Tom M for coming by a couple of times and helping me shop games, install the air conditioner and move stuff in the garage.

Huge thanks to Lauren for helping me with the scoring.  Those scores came in really fast!  Next year will be a different setup for sure.

Surely I have forgotten a few people.  Thanks to everyone who came and thanks for all the kind words.  It was a great event and very rewarding.  In my mind it was a good first year, but there are a lot of areas that can be improved on. 

Wanted to buy: 
Gottlieb Dodge City