Author Topic: St Louis Children's Hospital receives Pinball Machine from Project Pinball  (Read 2284 times)

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Coming off a successful month long charity fundraiser, the IFPA/ Project Pinball Charity Campaign, we were able to raise over $20,000 in our July campaign.

This charity campaign has opened a lot doors and we are using this opportunity and the generous donations that were raised to help the St Louis Children’s Hospital with their very own pinball machine.

We bought a brand new Star Trek pinball machine which has been and will be making its travel across the US and then will be placed in the St Louis Children’s Hospital in one week time.

It will traveling and making a brief pit-stop at the PAPA Headquarters in Pittsburgh for fundraising activities then start its journey to it new home at the Children’s Hospital in St Louis.

We would like to dedicate this machine to all the hardworking people that help make this a dream come true for the kids. Project Pinball strongly supports the needs of the children at several Children’s Hospital right now across our nation and we plan on expanding to more and more hospital as we get closer to our goals. It is through the continued support from many wonderful friends like you that Project Pinball is able to grow.

Thank you again for your support of Project Pinball and the kids of the Children’s Hospital through pinball.

For more information, please visit us at

Daniel Spolar
Senior Director
Project Pinball

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