Author Topic: IFPA Project Pinball Fundraiser Tournaments eclipse $20,000 in donations  (Read 2737 times)

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Well, sadly our month long IFPA/ Project Pinball Charity Campaign is coming to close, but we have plenty of good news to share.

Some of that good news is that, we were able to reach more people and had the opportunity to share awareness about our charity and its mission statement and goals across the US and Canada. There were a total of 43 main tournaments, 31+ side tournaments held in one month time. That is just incredible!

Over $20,000 was raised during this IFPA/ Project Pinball Charity Campaign. With this money, Project Pinball Charity has already purchased a brand new Star Trek Pro that will be introduced to a Children’s Hospital in two weeks time. This Children’s Hospital location will be announced soon as we can.

This campaign helped us get out into the communities, to be introduce to a lot of new ideas, new people that want to be involved and of course the discovery of new doors to open.

On behalf of everyone at Project Pinball Charity Group, we would like to give thanks to all the people that helped to make this campaign a huge success.

Our tournament directors- It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated force of individuals. Thank you for all your help to make sure each of your communities was represented.

Our tournament settings/ establishments- Thank you for opening your places for pinball fellowships to allow great things to happen, to unite your community for our cause.

Our sponsors- Thank you for your willingness to give us the tools to help us as a charity rise to a new level. Stern Pinball, Little Shop of Games, Marco Specialties, Cliffy’s Passion for Pinball, Pinball Life, Titan Pinball, Rottendog Amusements, Comet Pinball, Tilt Amusements, PAPA, IFPA and to all the individual tournament community offerings. If your name should be here but was not listed, we do apologize for our oversight.

Our great partnership with our friends at International Flipper Pinball Association- A tremendous amount of work and coordination by Josh Sharpe and company went into this campaign. Thank you for believing in us and for giving this wonderful opportunity to share our charity and for getting us the tools to connect to communities across the globe.

Our players- your dedication showed us how lucking we are to have people in our pinball community that care like you all do. Your participation was greatly appreciated and we were completely caught by surprise by shear volume of your support.

Our anonymous donors- Thank you for your generous unexpected gifts of kindness.

Our pinball community- Your donations are the fuel to get us to our new goals and give us the ability to approach more hospitals  so we can help more and people, patients and parents through pinball. If you would like to help, you can still take the time to make a donation. Anything from $1 to $5,000 is going to help bring laughter and smiles into children's hospitals around the country. To make a donation, please visit

Our staff and volunteers- {I would personally like to thank our dedicated staff and volunteers for all their hard work that went into this campaign and their every day support that make this run charity smoothly. We have more busy days in front of us! :^) Daniel Spolar- Senior Director}

Again, we appreciate your help and would like to thank you all for your wonderful support! It is through the continued support from many wonderful friends like you that Project Pinball is able to grow!

Our next charity venue: PAPA Headquarters. Come join us for our “Show your Support” Contest. All you have to do is show your support by wearing your Green Project Pinball while you are at PAPA and we will go around random selecting winners to give a prize to.
You can get more information about our 501(c)3 charity on our site located at or you can find us on Facebook at Project Pinball-Saving the Pinball Machine at the Children’s Hospital of SWFL. Come “Like” our Facebook page to show the children your support.

Best wishes,
From all of us here at Project Pinball Charity
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I'm bummed July is over. What a fun month for pinball.  Congratulations to Project Pinball for raising $20,000 . Talk about exceeding expectations. Keep up the great work, the word is out what Project Pinball's mission statement is all about, huge success. I hope this is just the beginning of what is yet to come!

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Congratulations Dan.  I know first hand the dedication and hard work you have put in since day one of Project Pinball.  The month of July was an amazing thing and it makes me feel really good to see the explosion of Project Pinball around the country.  I mentioned it before but I get a tear in my eye when I think about the kids playing these games.  Such a worthwhile cause.
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Many congrats to the efforts of Dan Spolar and all of the Project Pinball volunteers, staff, tourney organizers, and players who contributed to this great cause!

Well done!


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You guys are the best! The work is definitely paying off, we have a Star Trek machine being welcomed to a wonderful new Children's Hospital in two weeks!  Thank you guys for all your support!

Road trip starts Monday to PAPA to get everything rolling.
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Great to hear the overall totals.  In thinking about the announced fund raising results from the four Florida tournaments, it occurs to me that Florida accounted for a significant portion of the overall fund raising.  My gut is that Florida held 10% of the tournaments and accounted for 20-25% of the funds raised.  That makes sense, given that the charity started here in Florida, but still something in which the Florida players should take pride.

Excellent work by Dan and his tournament directors and other volunteers, and outstanding support from the Florida community.  Kudos to all.


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Yeah, I suggested that in future PP provides a 'suggested entry fee' form that would be sent to those out of state. I don't think anyone in FL had any complaints about any entry fees for PP events.

Next year's totals will be EVEN BIGGER, I think the PAPA event will do well too.