Author Topic: SONGS WITH PINBALL REFERENCES  (Read 2073 times)

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« on: October 02, 2014, 09:30:37 AM »
So I've downloaded the new Counting Crows album and was delighted to hear a line in the song "Palisades Park" referring to PINBALL!
"And these days my life just careens through a pinball machine"

Also a huge fan of Loudon Wainright III and was listening to some of his older stuff. Great pinball reference in "Uptown" from his Album I.

"Well, we'll eat dinner at your favorite Schrafft's
Somebody gonna shine my shoes
Then we'l pop into Playland for pinball laughs
And read the Allied Chemical News
Le's go to Radio City Music Hall
To catch the Rockettes of renown
Then we get to The Garden for some basketball
Or a fight for the heavyweight crown"

What other songs do you know that talk about the great game we all love?!?!?!

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« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2015, 05:15:10 PM »
I like finding these kinds of references. 

I always thought the New York Dolls amazing song "Human Being" referenced pinballs with the 'bouncing around from machine to machine,' considering it was released in 1974 and vids were in their infancy.   

Off the top of my head, the 1977 hit "Y'all Come Back Saloon" by the Oak Ridge Boys checks in...

"She played tambourine with a silver jingle
 And she must have known the words to at least a million tunes
 But the one most requested by the man she knew as Cowboy
 Was the late night benediction at the Y'all Come Back Saloon

In a voice soft and trembling, she'd sing her song to Cowboy
 As a smoky halo circled round her raven hair
 And all the fallen angels and pinball playing rounders
 Stopped the games that they'd been playing for the losers evening prayer"

Cool thread!   We should keep posting lyrics here when we encounter them... 

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