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Greetings All,

Looking to get my first Pin machine. Came across this Forum and noticed it was "The Florida Pinball Forum", being a second generation native Floridian I thought this might be a good place to start to meet folks of like mind and see if I could get some friendly advice on finding, purchasing and maintaining my first Pinball Machine.

I was a pinball junkie from the time i was 8yo..I got hooked early because there was a Pinball Machine at the laundry mat my Mom took us too on laundry day. I remember being curious about that machine because I would see older teens intently slapping the sides of it, bumping it, cussing it and placing their cigarettes over the edge of the glass, only reaching for a puff between what I now know is a drain. I had to pull up a old milk crate and stand on it just to watch them play - I dared not speak while they were playing either.  One day we went to the laundry mat and I noticed the pinball machine was active but no one around playing it...I thought, well since Mom would not give me any money to waste on this game, I had a golden opportunity to try it...but what would happen if I played it and the guy came back to finish his game? Back then you'd get your ass beat that's what would happen! Well, I threw caution to the wind, pulled up this old milk crate, pulled back on that plunger and from then on I was out of control.   

Anyone remember the Fun Machine in Pine Hills (Orlando area) back in the late 70's into the 90's (I believe)? Anyway, I dumped enough quarters in there to have bought any number of those machines I used to love to play there, almost to a obsession (no, actually it was a obsession). Not counting that all the Bowling Alley's, Skating Rinks and 7-Eleven stores that used to house these wonderful bell and chime ringing guessed it, EM machines! Which is what I think I want to try and find.

Anyway, glad to be here!



John I:
Cool welcome aboard and thanks for posting!  There are a few EM collectors around here.  Be sure to come to Free Play Florida next weekend and play some games.  It is a great place to meet local collectors and try out a bunch of machines.


Kurt is a great guy, lives in Sanford, runs Raw Power Amusements, and always has some pins for sale, so give him a call !


Welcome Randy,
I am an EM collector. Like john said, visit us at Free Play Florida at the Orlando Sea World Double Tree hotel the weekend of Nov. 21-23.
$20 gets you in the door and all the pinballs and arcades are set to free play. Nothing else to pay for. Stop by and say hello, I usually hang out near the EM's.

Thanks guys and will do...don't ever threaten me with a good time! - Hope to meet some of y'all there. Any particular day better than another?



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