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New(ish)bie in Coral Springs
« on: November 23, 2014, 01:38:44 AM »

Hello everyone,

Fairly recently I decided to go back to something I always enjoyed, pinball.  Certain nags in the health industry would say it's good for me anyway.  Hmm, can I get a prescription for pinball?!

Found this Forum, watched and read for a bit, saw how awesome you all are from a variety of posts & replies, and I knew I'd probably feel comfortable here.  Kudos to you guys for truly helping out with so many questions from so many members.  Very cool!

Been wanting an EM since I've been more of a mechanical person compared to a circuit board person. I recently picked up low budget project so I won't stress if I trip over my own two feet on it.  But it's an interesting conundrum, I found a Dealers Choice really cheap and the playfield & backglass surprisingly decent shape (happy about that!), BUT, the ding-a-lings who moved/stored it had NO clue on how to move a heavy object and they racked the cab to the point where they split one corner.  That slick move jostled the bottom and surrounding wood to the point that it's damaged.  Since it's an MDF cab, it's not worth trying to salvage the wood.  By the time you 'fixed' the goofed up areas you could just cut new ply and spray it.  So, I have two choices, build a new cab and keep the existing theme since it seems pretty decent so far------or------- re-theme it just to have some fun and a one-off game. Don't know how to get re-themed artwork onto playfield & backglass yet, so that something to think about.

But the better news is, I saw a yard/home sale ad that had "pinball" amongst many other items listed and decided to go real early on the off chance I might finally be the lucky guy who gets a decent machine at an awesome price.  I DID!!  Finally, I got lucky (no, not THAT kind of getting lucky!), I snagged a Cheetah at a very good price.  The house was a mess, the pinball machine was SO dusty/dirty I asked the lady if I could have a paper towel just so I could 'see' they playfield!  Not a joke, couldn't see it.  Machine was 'on', rubber so dry there were pieces on the playfield, but I touched everything I could and it all worked.  The price I negotiated was so decent I felt I had nothing to loose.  Brought her home, WHAT A MESS!!  But she cleaned up WAY better than I thought and I found out the machine is in AWESOME condition.  Backglass is PERFECT, playfield has very little wear.  And what I thought was age-damaged paint on the cab wound up simply being layers of yuk from, probably, a smoker or by the looks of the house, simply never cleaned. It looks GREAT, so far!  Best part?  Got it from the original owner and I have the manual, schematics, score cards for TONS of price combos and even they are in nice shape.  Low production, wide-body, decent player pin, in great shape, yeah...gonna keep this one, and throw some tasteful upgrades on her.

So, I jumped in with both feet (one pin on each!) and putting my learning hat on.  I hope to be able to learn enough so I can be as helpful on the Forum as I've seen so many of you do.  Thanks for  letting me share.                          ............................................................the condition of this Cheetah has me SO damn stoked!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: New(ish)bie in Coral Springs
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 08:51:51 AM »
Welcome!  And congrats on the Cheetah!   That's a unique playing Stern you don't see very often.   I enjoyed playing it at PAPA when I've gone.   Post some pics! :)

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Re: New(ish)bie in Coral Springs
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2014, 07:03:43 PM »
Welcome aboard.  Glad you found that first game.  It sometimes amazes me how a dirty, forgotten machine can be brought back to life and be so much fun.  I recently restored a Gottlieb College Queens that had more cigarette smoke in it than a North Carolina strip club.  Now it is clean and beautiful and most importantly is playing great. 

Hope to see you at an event soon.
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