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I love pinball so I think i am in the right place.  Been considering purchasing my first pinball machine for the house.  I was referred here by a friend.  Look forward to chatting with you all.


Ray, you're definitely in the right place.   Take your time to choose your first machine, and I'd recommend buying one fully working as opposed to a project, or even a "probably just needs a fuse" machine.    Stick close to the boards for an update on the next Pinball Asylum event, which is in Ft Myers.  It's a glorious place with dozens of gorgeous machines from all eras.   They hold public events several times a year.   Also, APE is coming up very soon and would be a great place to meet other pinheads and play some machines.   Welcome to the hobby and cya soon! :)

you'll be happy, but as a 1st time or a 100th time buyer, avoid this seller at all costs:

just watch out for that phone number, and you'll probably be fine. :)

Thanks for the warning and I am thinking about checking out ape next weekend.  I tend to like machines from the 90s like bride of pinbot, phantom of the opera, checkpoint, etc.  I am also looking at the stern Star Trek pro game.  Saw a video on it and the gameplay looks real nice.  I've also been warned wizard of oz game breaks too much and isn't as fun as it looks.  What do you think? Is there a place I should go to look for a fairly priced machine?

John I:
Definitely don't miss APE.  You will meet tons of people who can help guide you, and not to mention play tons of machines that you might not have tried before.

Little Shop Of Games is a great place to buy new and used machines.  It is a long ride from Ft Meyers though.


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