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Hello Jeff Welch

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HI I am Jeff. Moved back to Florida after leaving for 13 Years. I live in Minneola.  I had already signed up here before but I could not get logged in. So I am back and saying hi.

I have been collecting for 15 years. Had over 50 Machines. I just don't have the time anymore to keep up with my games with kids. So my current collection is 13 games. 2 of them are projects.

If anyone is close to Minneola get in contact with me. I would like you to stop by and play a few games. I also wouldn't mind playing a few of your games. I love LOTR, so If anyone has one and wants company give me a shout.

STtNG, NBA Fastbreak, Star Wars E1, 2x Hurricane, Paragon, F14, Operation Thunder, Big Game, Big Guns, Taxi, Pinbot, Space Mission,

John I:
Welcome back Jeff.   A lot is us are down at APE this weekend.   Some might recognize you because you have been to at least a few LSOG Open Houses that I can remember.   You know you are always welcome at my place in Cocoa;  though I don't have an LOTR!

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I am now ready for a Cactus Canyon continued. Anyone around here I have that I can come play?

Hi Jeff!  Nice collection.   We share a few of the same titles.

I think the only member here with a CC is in Naples.   

Now that my kids are getting out of school here in a few days I will have some free time. I would like to attend the monthly pinball parties. Where and when is the next meeting?

I wouldn't mind hosting one month. I can have a STtNG, NBA Fastbreak,SWE1, Hurrican, Taxi, F14, Space Mission and Operation Thunder ready to go now. With a little work I could add a Pinbot, Big Guns, another Hurricane, and Big Guns.

Jeff Welch


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