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Project Pinball - San Francisco Update!
« on: March 10, 2015, 04:25:48 PM »
What Project Pinball does would not be possible without the support of pinball players and fans around the world. Contributions from all of you at our live events have enabled us to place pinball machines into children’s hospitals, making life better for those going through tough times.

The next level of support by those of you who have the desire, is to help us make contact with hospitals in your area. If you know someone who works at a children’s hospital let them know about Project Pinball. Show them our Facebook page and our website. Ask them to contact us to discuss how to acquire a pinball machine for their location.

A great example of this is Andrei Massenkoff in San Francisco, who works at a children’s hospital there, and helped secure the temporary loan of a Stern Iron Man from fellow pinball collector Gene Hwang for placement at the location. Once it’s had it’s ‘trial run’ and the hospital sees the benefits for the children, Project Pinball would purchase a new machine and replace the game lent to the hospital by Gene.

Obviously, a temporary pinball machine being placed into this situation would need to be mid-1990’s and newer, clean, and working 100%. An acceptable theme approved by the hospital and Project Pinball is also important, as well as a commitment by the owner of the game or another local pinball collector to provide regular maintenance and be able to troubleshoot any problems ASAP.

If you or someone you know can help develop positive relationships with a children’s hospital, please do. Let all your fellow pinball players and fans know about Project Pinball so that even if YOU do not have a connection, THEY might. With all of your help we have been able to do so much, which inspires us to do even more, and all of us can know we’re making the lives of children better, one game at a time.

Thank You!

Project Pinball

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Re: Project Pinball - San Francisco Update!
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2015, 06:00:07 PM »
Thanks for the update Spencer, I work in a hospital and have friends who are in the field. I'll definitely pass the word. You make a good point about a friend of a friend , you never know who knows a good contact.