Author Topic: The Streak Continues - FLiPS at Ron's place Saturday April 25 7:30  (Read 484 times)

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I realized that with the big Jacksonville event next weekend, we were rapidly approaching a month with no FLiPS event for the first time in years.  Therefore, I decided to harken back to to old days, and decide to host at the last minute on a weekend night.  So, I will be open for play on Saturday night.  My apologies to those unable to attend due to the late notice.

Please note that this is not my big annual open house, just a regular FLiPs event.  While non-FliPS members are welcome, I do not think it makes much sense for people to drive in from all over the state like they do for the open house.  Rest assured, the open house will be in the fall, like usual, and all will be welcome.

I will have some snacks, some drinks and so forth, but will probably not have a big spread like I do at the open house.  I suspect we will have some type of competition, but that is likely to evolve fairly quickly over the next day or so.   There will be a few games out of service, but there will be at least a couple dozen working.  Likely to be a garage and outdoors event only.

Email or call if you have any questions.  Please RSVP to me at rdonohue at hoyt dot org if you plan to attend.   If you need directions, contact me there or via my cell which is 561 - three zero eight - zero five 5 6

See some of you on Saturday.  The show must go on!!