Author Topic: Andrei and Gene X makes video for Project Pinball  (Read 1298 times)

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Andrei and Gene X makes video for Project Pinball
« on: August 27, 2015, 10:57:22 AM »
We just received this video for our use from the World Champion Andrei Massenkoff and Gene X from Orange Photography. Telling others why a pinball machine can be so important in a hospital setting.
Andrei added his background and credentials and his belief, of why a pinball machine can have an impact on patients in a hospital setting which is tremendously helpful for our charity! This can be added to our list of tools that we use to breakdown those barriers and show what a pinball machine can accomplish in the right setting.

We could use more videos like these to help us with our mission to get pinball machines in our children's hospitals. We could use more input from people from the pinball community that has the same passion about pinball and that want to help. Get you camera out and tell us why you think pinball is great in a hospital setting or similar, why you and your kids enjoy it, maybe how pinball help you or someone else you know.
If you have a camera and a story make your voice be heard. If we can use your video we will place it on our webpage and possibility other places as well. If you have a video you would like us to see, please sent it to Please included your full name and address.
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