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John I:
I just posted this on Pinside:

I saw Dan (Mole on Pinside) this morning on his way out of Florida. He is heading on a 25+ state trip that will dedicate 6 pinball machines in Children's Hospitals across the country. Along the way Dan will be at Pintastic, CAX and ReplayFX, so look for him soon. Dan works tirelessly for this charity and in fact it is his full time job. If you see him, be sure to challenge him to a game of pinball because he really needs it! The more people who seek him out along the way the better as far as he is concerned.

Here is a quick breakdown of the trip:

Sunday 7/5 - Heading to North Carolina Rocky Mount for the night

Monday 7/6 - New York City at Modern Pinball with the great Howard Levine and Francisco Loracca

Wednesday 7/8 - Boston at Mass General Hospital for a dedication of a brand new Wizard of Oz!

Thurday-Saturday - Pintastic show at the Project Pinball booth. Stop by!!

Sunday night Pittsburgh

Monday 7/13 in Chicago at Jack Danger's Live (Dead) Flip Twitch broadcast.

Tuesday 7/14 at the Omaha fundraiser at Big John's Billiards

Wednesday 7/15 in Salt Lake City for a meet and greet. More info to come.

Thursday 7/16 in San Francisco at the Pizza Depot Gene X Pre-CAX charity event.

Friday 7/17 UCSF Children's Hospital for a dedication of a Star Trek Pro!!

Friday-Sunday at CAX! Stop by the Project Pinball Booth!

Monday in Phoenix

(Next is a few days of R&R)

Friday 7/24 in Denver for a meet and greet. More info to come - see Facebook.

Saturday 7/25 at Aurora Childrens Hospital to dedicate a new Iron Man VE!!

Monday 7/27 in Omaha at Omaha Children's Hospital for the dedication of a Shrek pinball!

Tuesday 7/28 in Chicago.

Wednesday-Sunday in Pittsburgh at ReplayFX. Come by the booth!

Monday 8/3 in Columbus Ohio at Nationwide Children's Hospital to dedicate a Hook!

Then on to Baltimore to a hospital to be announced for another pinball dedication.

Home to Florida!


Finally a picture of Dan in my front yard this morning:

John I:
Here is a news story with video from the road trip.  This is what it is all about:

that is a good read. nice work :)


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