Author Topic: Updated Asylum Event Schedule for August 21-22nd: Friday Night Tournaments Added  (Read 1031 times)

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Hello Friends, Pinball Fans and Asylum Inmates--

We’ve added TWO more tournaments to our already exciting next Pinball Asylum event!

The Pinball Asylum is now opening at 7:00pm, Friday night, August 21st for a 1st-Ever King Of The Hill Tournament.  In addition, we are adding a Friday Night Project Pinball Charity High-Score Contest!  These will both be for IFPA Points and they are open to everyone attending— no pre-registration required.

Here's the NEW Schedule:

Friday Night, August 21st-- The Asylum opens at 7:00pm.
King Of The Hill Tournament:
Here’s how it works: Tournament starts at 7:15pm and ends at 10:15pm. $10.00 flat-rate buy-in. Two players are chosen at random to start, and they play one game on one machine. Also chosen at random at the same time is a “Queue Order” of all the other players.  The winner of the first game plays the next player in the queue.  If he survives, he plays the next player in the queue, and so on down the line (and through the queue) until he loses.  The loser of each game takes his place in order back in the queue.  Each time a player comes up again in the queue, he plays whomever is the current winner.  Each win is recorded and the player with the most wins at the end of the tournament wins. Second place will be awarded to the player who has the next greatest number of wins, on down through the queue. Any ties in number of wins will require tie-breakers. House splits the pot 50% with the winner— i.e. The King Of The Hill!

Friday High-Score Contest For Project Pinball: Will run concurrently with The King Of The Hill Tournament.

Saturday Morning, August 22nd-- The Asylum opens at 9:30am.
Main PAPA-Style Tournament: Qualifying from 10:00am-6:00pm.  Finals: 6:30 till 9:00 (?)

Saturday High-Score Contest For Project Pinball: All day, exact hours to be announced.

PLEASE NOTE: All entries in the Main Papa-Style Tournament are non-transferable. All $10.00 regular paid admissions (i.e. Non-Tournament Pre-Paid Admissions) arriving on Friday or Saturday will receive one non-transferrable entry to the Main Tournament.  These must be used by the person who the ticket was issued to.

We hope to see you on Friday night!  Or at the very least on Saturday morning.

David, Dan and Matt
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Awesome.  I have my hotel reserved...
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