Author Topic: LIVE STANDINGS and LIVE SCORING for Asylum PAPA-Style Tournament  (Read 1722 times)

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Friends, Asylum Inmates and Florida Pinball Fans--

Our BIG event begins TONIGHT and goes through Saturday.

Among other things, we now have LIVE STANDINGS and LIVE SCORING for all participants, players and fans to check their scores and their friend's scores.

Click here for current scores starting Saturday morning:

And it is not too late to register for the event that begins TONIGHT and for the MAIN PAPA-Style Tournament starting tomorrow morning.

You can still Pre-Register here:

The Pinball Asylum opens at 7:00pm, tonight, Friday night, August 21st for a 1st-Ever King Of The Hill Tournament.  In addition, we are adding a Friday Night Project Pinball Charity High-Score Contest!  These will both be for IFPA Points and they are open to everyone attending— no pre-registration required.

Please see details on everything else below.


David, Dan and Matt
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