Author Topic: Announce Sunday November 8, FLiPS at Casa de la Corpse  (Read 1146 times)

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Announce Sunday November 8, FLiPS at Casa de la Corpse
« on: October 12, 2015, 08:49:01 AM »
FLiPS members/invitees:

It is that time of year again for the annual FLiPS event at “Casa de la Corpse”.  This year marks the celebration of the 5-year anniversary of FLiPS since the rebirth at my home in 2010.

Date: Sunday November 8, doors open at noon. Event 12-6(ish)

Where: My house in Coral Springs, FL

Directions will be sent out to FLiPS members and invitees that RSVP by November 1.

If you want to bring a guest or +1, you MUST check with me to see if there is room, and I will respond back to you after the RSVPs come in.  Space is limited.  30 total people MAX. 

As always: there will be food, snacks, desserts, drinks and Dew. If you have a special drink or snack request, email me.

Outside there is screened covered patio seating available for hanging out. Maybe we will be lucky and the weather will be beautiful and cool.  Smoking is not allowed inside. Decorative skull ashtrays will be available outside.

Yes, there will be tournament(s) with prizes and of course Super Grover. 

Yes, there will be time for casual play during and afterwards. All games are in an air-conditioned environment with dedicated circuits.


X Men Magneto
Metallica Master of Puppets
ACDC Premium
Transformers Decepticons
Stern Star Trek Vengeance model
Iron Man
Lord of the Rings


Attack from Mars
Cirqus Voltaire
Scared Stiff
The Addams Family

Classic Bally



Joker Poker
Fast Draw

The event promises to be fun as always !  Come celebrate the first 5-year Mission of FLiPS!

See you soon!

Losing with integrity is better than winning with arrogance.

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Re: Announce Sunday November 8, FLiPS at Casa de la Corpse
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2015, 10:06:41 AM »
3 more days!

Each year I like to organize a new format to keep things fast, fun and interesting for players of all skill levels. I am excited to see this year's format play out.

Trophies for top 4 are in, as well as a killer Super Grover prize. I can anticipate the SG sandbaggers plotting and scheming....

LMK via PM or text if you have any special drink or snack requests.  You know what typically what will be on hand, but we can always add things to the menu to make it more enjoyable :)

See you soon.

Losing with integrity is better than winning with arrogance.

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Re: Announce Sunday November 8, FLiPS at Casa de la Corpse
« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2015, 01:06:28 AM »

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the event.  This year marked our first 5 year mission.  I am very proud of our club and the fantastic support everyone has shown over the years.   

Exciting tourney this year.  I was very interested to see how this would pan out, and will crunch some stats and numbers later.

The tourney was only able to accommodate 24 first come, first served, and 23 people showed up leaving me as 24.  I had expected 30 and usually would have a side event for people not playing in the main. But I had several last minute cancelations, so it worked out almost perfectly, although I am not a big fan of playing in tourneys I run and design, especially at my home.

Anyway, the format was as follows. 

24 players were randomly divided into 8 groups of 3.  There were 8 total games to be played with each game having a specific goal to aim for.  The idea was for each team to track how many times they reached a specific type of goal. 

Each game also had a bonus level associated with it.  If one person of the team reached the bonus line, the team could multiply its goal sum by 2, if 2 people reached it, multiply by 3, and if all 3 players reached the bonus line, the sum could be multiplied by 5. Repeat this process over 8 different games.

The twist was each round was only 10 minutes.  So there was some strategy in how to maximize points in the allotted time. 

The top 2 teams advanced to the semis with the lowest team battling for Super Grover.

The games with goals were:

IM count Marks, bonus level at 2
XMLE count heroes played, bonus level at 3
ST Premium count missions played, bonus level at 3
TFLE count multiballs started, bonus level at 2
CV count marvels lit, bonus level at 5
Paragon count letter spelled, bonus level at 4
Joker Poker count 5x bonus lit, bonus level at 3
Fast Draw count targets dropped, no bonus level, all targets hit at 50%

Teams with scores

207.5 Ron, Carlos, Brian D (BTW guys, 85 points on Paragon is sick!)
182.5 Rich, Bryan  B, Jeff P. 


178 Sebastian, Adam, Alex
157.5 Chris, Kevin, Dave
146.5 Dilayla, Eric. L, Jeanine
107.5 Donny, Dan C, Jeff G
92.5 Joel, Eric R., Fred

87 Tatiana, Marcel, Bob Super Grover team

The SG team battled it out on a randomly chosen game Paragon.  Bob won, Tatiana 2nd, Marcel last, making him the ultimate Super Grover.  He won the coolest prize however, but also had to read a  children's Grover book to the group Grover style

The two top teams played the semi finals match on randomly chosen games,which happened to both be Fast Draw. 3 player regular games, top 2 players advance.

From group A, Ron and Brian D. advanced and from group B, Rich and Jeff P. advanced.

The finals were played on a single randomly chosen game Iron Man


1 Jeff P.
2 Rich M.
3 Brian D.
4 Ron D.

Trophies were then handed out to all 4.

Congrats to everyone and thanks for coming out to support FLiPS!
Losing with integrity is better than winning with arrogance.