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I'm new to the collecting pins, but have a couple arcade games. I'm from Pensacola, so representing that "other part" of Florida! :D
I've been playing pics since I was in high school and have always enjoyed it. I look forward to getting to know you all as I venture down the path to collecting my first pin; Woz 75th Anniversary.


John I:
Pensacola is a long haul from just about anywhere in this state so coming to APE in Ft Lauderdale might be out of the question!  There is a show in Jacksonville in April or May.  I also have heard that there are tournaments in Alabama and there is a state championship happening up there.  I thought there was even a pinball league in the panhandle that people got together occasionally?

Anyway, good luck on starting the collection.  If you make it down to the Orlando or Space Coast area any time, shoot me a PM.  I'm over in Cocoa.  There are some nice locations in Orlando now - including the Pinball Lounge in Oviedo.

Yes we have a newly formed FB Gulf Coast Arcade and Pinball group. Our group just got sanctioned for official tournaments at our monthly meetings as well.


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