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Hello all!


Hi there,

I am happy to be here. I just discovered this board was here! I hang out mostly on the Village. Many folks know me as Norma. Some know me as Michelle. I like to keep people guessing...

I first got hooked on pinball at an arcade at a small amusement park many years ago. My dad put me up on a milk crate, put in a quarter, and I just started pushing the buttons and flipping the flippers madly. Eventually this behavior ceased, and I learned you don't have to do that unless the ball is actually near the flipper. I also learned you can use just one flipper.

Every day I consider myself lucky to have found such a great group of people that love what I have always loved. Hope to see you all again soon!

Welcome and glad to see you active on the boards!

John I:
Welcome!  This board is pretty quiet, mostly discussion of tournaments and events. 

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