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Hello, I have got to work with several of you Florida guys lately and I appreciate your support. I wanted to touch base here in case there was a few guys who have not heard about my services.

I wanted to first start by thanking everyone for their business and support. It has been great getting to meet and talk to many of you in the community. I wanted to start this new thread to post that the website is up a running. I have gotten several orders already without even posting that it is up. Everything seems to be working, but if you run into trouble with it please let me know. You can reach the site at I am more of a phone/email guy, but I know many of you like the convenience of a online ordering option. This is also a good point of reference for pricing, so you can at least check in there to get basic ideas of what things cost and what sort of inventory I keep. I am still doing custom orders of all sizes. From $10 to $2000 and from 1 part to 400 + parts - I can do it all.

You can follow this other thread for pictures and customer comments.

I will have more inventory up on the site soon. I have IJ wires, Shadow wires, Medieval Madness wires, and World Cup Soccer wires including the skill shot piece in the works for trade. I will have most of this ready in the next week or two. I have some custom cabinet trim in the works and some new takes on shooter guns with custom grips. I am always looking to pay good money for wire forms, metal ramps, shooter guns, and other parts to plate and keep on hand. If you have any extra stuff laying around and want to make some money, please let me know.
I am mainly doing chrome, brass, nickel, black nickel, colored chrome, and powder coating. I can also do some high end stuff, like gold and silver, but even other things like copper and antique finishes. I am doing a add on package of colors to chrome or stainless steel. Feel free to contact me with questions or for quotes. I am doing pinball, arcade, jukebox, and motorcycle and car parts at the moment, but am open to helping out with anything you need.

I am also looking to do a large black nickel run. This will allow us to move the run to a larger tank and get good coverage on the rails which have been a problem in the past. If you are looking to get some black nickel armor done, please contact me asap. I am going to try to get at a minimum 5 or 6 full sets done at the same time and also add some more inventory to my supply.
I am going to be doing 4-5 shows per year. These are good times to drop stuff off and pick stuff up to save on shipping. Watch my threads for post of what shows I will be attending. Expo and Texas Pinball Festival will be for sure every year. I will try to mix the other 2 or 3 shows up to get to different regions of the US.
Again, thank you for the support and I look forward to meeting many more of you guys in the future.

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Thanks for the information Ron.  Good luck with your business. 

One of these days I need to get around to restoring about a half dozen Gottlieb EM aprons that I have.  They would have to be stripped and power coated in a smooth gloss white, so I could apply the decals as the finishing touch.
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Just let me know if I can help.