Author Topic: Rank interest in the new games  (Read 1537 times)

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Rank interest in the new games
« on: October 15, 2016, 11:03:23 PM »
Seems like there are or will be more titles announced/revealed this month (and next) than we've seen in decades... ignoring price which are most interesting to you?  This is my ranked list:

1. Dialed In - Looks like fun!
2. Alien - Interesting playfield layout, lots of potential
3. Houdini - Looks like classic JPop, curious how it will turn out.
4. Batman '66 - Rethemed/enhanced BDK, which is underrated.  Artwork looks great.
5. Aerosmith - Pics look nice!  Latest rumors do not have Lyman on the code though.
6. AFMr - Remake... fun game but not new.  Will be announced next month at FPF.
7. Dominoes - limited run, basic game, good for its purpose.

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Re: Rank interest in the new games
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 11:50:38 PM »
I definitely have a different take on this.  I can't say that I am super stoked on any of the games other than BM66.  I can't wait to play that one.

1.  BM66.   Game looks really good and I love the old TV show.
2.  AFM remake.  I love AFM and having a brand new one with updated tech would be awesome.
3.  Alien.  This game looks really good too.  I liked Full Throttle a lot and think it would have sold a lot more with a licensed theme.
4.  Aerosmith.  I am not a huge fan of there newer work, but Lyman/DD/Borg is a no brainer
5.  Dialed in.  PL has been really mediocre since TZ.  Strange/Unlicensed theme does not work in 2016...  This one will sell less than TH or WOZ.
6.  Dominoes.  Had not heard of this.
- .  Houdini.  Never been a Jpop fan and I find it hard to believe anyone would even consider sponsoring him after what he did.   
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Re: Rank interest in the new games
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2016, 05:19:46 PM »
3. AFMr - Remake... cannot argue with successful gaming.
11. Dialed In - Looks good, but sound alone has put me off. Theme, well...we wanted unlicensed themes, and we get call waiting. :P
25. Aerosmith - sorry, theme kills it until I play one locally.
63. Dominoes - limited run, basic game, good for its purpose. lol. now I'm hungry. I barely want a noid over a dark 'noit.
64. Batman '66 - theme not bad. priced mega bad. original game not impressive. take toys out, charge more. no thanks. a new stern should cost 3 grand. 5 grand for a premium. kill the LE option.

772. Houdini - bad karma. artwork 20 steps backwards from non-licensed magic girl artwork. machine is supposed to be less than 1/2 the cost, and American pinball is going to pay back MG backers. the whole idea really makes no sense, no surprise if more people lose more money on another prepay nightmare.

cannot rank. Alien - looking decent. have not looked into playfield or any specs on this one.

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Re: Rank interest in the new games
« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2016, 12:53:11 PM »
Not really going to try and rank anything. Just going list them alphabetically

-Aerosmith-Of course I'll try it out.  Not a big fan of the band. No pre-ordering for sure.  Hopefully I won't have to sell my soul while playing one ;) .  Still hoping for Iron Maiden or Slayer down the road.

-AFMr- Have an original one.  Can't say I need to get a modern one, but new and shiny is always fun to think about.

-Alien- Excited to check this out. Love the theme and a good friend is working on it.  If I had to rank these, this game has the most intrigue to me.
-BM66- Cool retro theme. Loved it as a kid and still enjoy the campiness.  I like BDK (even the crane) and am looking forward to the new game and maybe some new rules.  Not a fan of the price. Maybe I'll sell my BDK and use the funds toward the 66 model. 

-Dialed In- Really not excited about this, original theme or not. Don't care to interact with any game using my phone.  For the price of games nowadays, the whole thing better appeal to me.

-Dominoes-Sitting next to a PBR game could be fun.  Beer and Pizza :) Where is the Mountain Dew game :)

-Houdini.- I have a HUO CV.  Good to go. 
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Re: Rank interest in the new games
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2016, 06:13:29 PM »
-Aerosmith- This should be fun.  It's hard to mess up a pin based on a cool band with timeless tunes. 

-AFMr- I just got rid of a mint one, and while it's a fun game I did tire of it after a bit.   I was hoping PP would announce CC/CCr instead, and would've been MUCH more excited for that.

-Alien- I remember not being impressed with the playfield artwork, but haven't followed it much since then.  Dream theme, and I'm sure the sounds, clips and Brian's rules and game progression will make for a stellar experience. 
-BM66- I gotta say, this is the overall most attractive machine I've seen in years.  It's eye-popping.  The color screen is really a nice touch, and what a great theme for pinball.  It'll be interesting to see how close/far it feels from TDK.

-Dialed In- I hate this theme, and hate cel phones, which have become high-tech headache yet a necessity.   I want less cel phones in my life, not more.  I want to escape with pinball, not be thrust into a world with more cel phone interaction.   That said, the game looked pretty interesting from the vids with some neat magnet action and fun shots.  Even Lawlor's worst efforts are fun.  This game will be fun to play, no doubt, but crippled by a poor theme.  Fallout might've been a great theme for this layout and toys, with the Pip Boy... I mean, if you HAD to have a cel phone interact with the game, then make it a futuristic dark device.  I'll still be excited to try it just because it looks very different and interesting.

-Dominoes- have not seen this one.

-Houdini - I'd like to know more about this one.  I've just seen the couple pics online.  Magic themes are just made for pinball, and the playfield does look interesting....would love to get a better look at those toys.   Is this just a re-skin of MG?   I haven't followed the Chronicles of Jpop much of late.

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Re: Rank interest in the new games
« Reply #5 on: October 22, 2016, 11:02:48 PM »
The feedback on Dialed In confirms that people are more into dark themes today than the typical Lawlor light hearted stuff he puts out.  That being said there is a place for Dialed In and it's actually refreshing to see one like it available, particularly for Kids.. more often than not NIB pins aren't terribly kid friendly.

A post apocalyptic theme like Fallout would be a big hit, as would Grand Theft Auto... both have dark themes with humor.... humor is key success factor in pinball, even with a dark theme.

I've personally been waiting for a great original space theme, but space themes in general are rare lately... Star Trek and Alien are sort of it, but not entirely what I'm looking for.  The playfield art in Alien has a retro 80's feel, not unlike Star Trek, which people initially complained about as well.  Looks decent to me.