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FS or possible FT: TFLE Decepticon Version
« on: October 09, 2017, 01:06:08 PM »
Selling my TFLE Decepticons Version

The basics:

Game is HUO (original owner).  Cash sale only price is $5000. Trades for older games considered (see below)

Located near Coral Springs, FL

Prefer local cash and carry sale.  If you must ship, I would recommend contacting Greywolf (Donny)


More details:

2 for one trades or single game plus cash considered for games such as Gottlieb 2" flipper games (Drop a Card, Hurdy Gurdy, Sweethearts, Crosstown, others?) or Solid State Games such as (Gorgar, Flash Gordon, Quicksilver, others?) Games should be in nice condition, BUT NO PROJECTS. I have no time. Open to offers, but I am looking for older games.

I am the original owner since 2011. Game is HUO and is in very good condition.  It has some decal wrinkles on the cabinet near the legs. (Very typical).

(Not going to try and claim collector quality, not a speck of dirt, less than 100 plays or any nonsense like that). I don't think you would be disappointed with this game unless you are the type of person who only turns on games to show guests all the LED mods installed and prove to them that the game still has all of the factory high scores because nobody is allowed to play it.  It's a nice HUO game.

Celebrity endorsement : every Florida State Pinball Champion and Point Monsters Champion has played it!

Mods: Game has Megatron anti-airball protector and shooter lane protector installed. Includes extra Optimus Prime Bash toy. Came with Shaker motor. 

Goody bag and manual still stapled to inside? Um, no.  It's been read a few times. 

Shooter lane and Megatron scoop wear disclaimer:  After almost 6 years who would dare say "no wear"  (But you said it has a protector!) Seriously?

Playfield dimple disclaimer:  I play the games, and some of them last a long time. I'm pretty sure you will find a dimple or 2.

Clearcoat ghosting: Wasn't really an issue back then to my knowledge, but come see it in person and satisfy yourself that the playfield is ok. 

If you've read this far and are serious about buying and want specific photos, ask.  I think enough people can figure out via Google images or what the game looks like without me needing to post a bunch of photos on this site.

Feel free to PM me or direct email ( pinballcorpse at yahoo dot com ) and come by and see it in and play it person.  That way you KNOW what you are getting.

Thanks for reading!

Jeff Palmer
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