Author Topic: The Pinball Asylum 3-Strikes Bonanza & December Calendar Update!  (Read 496 times)

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The Pinball Asylum 3-Strikes Bonanza & December Calendar Update!
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:27:38 PM »
Hello Florida Pinball Fans and Fellow Asylum Inmates

The Pinball Asylum is planning on making December a flippin' fantastic month!  We have THREE BIG EVENTS the last month of the year.

Put these on your calendar now!

DECEMBER 8-9: (Friday & Saturday) 2nd Annual 3-Strikes Bonanza Tournament
DECEMBER 16: (Saturday) Final 12th Match & Finals of The Asylum Inmates Pinball League!
DECEMBER 28: (Thursday) 7th Annual Pinball Asylum Year's End Holiday Party

Up FIRST is the 2nd Annual 3-Strikes Bonanza!

COME ON & GET YER IFPA WPPR POINTS!We will attempt SEVEN (7) 3-Strikes Tournaments In 2-Days

Here is the schedule:

Doors Open Friday, Dec 8th at 6:30pm.
1st 3-Strikes Tournament at 7:00pm.
2nd 3-Strikes at 9:30pm.

Doors Open at 9:30am.
3rd 3-Strikes Tournament at 10am, 
4th 3-Strikes at 1:30pm
5th 3-Strikes at 4:00pm
6th 3-Strikes at 7:00pm
7th 3-Strikes at 9:30pm.

Please join us and max-out your IFPA WPPR Points before the end of the year, and enjoy more than 80 pinball machines on Freeplay!  More details to come shortly!

David, Matt B., Mike, Matt M., & Jeff
When in Fort Myers, visit THE PINBALL ASYLUM!