Author Topic: RESULTS: The Asylum Inmates Pinball League for January 2018 (Meet #1, Season 3)  (Read 503 times)

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Our First Match last night of the new season of The Asylum Inmates Pinball League was an excellent event. With an incredible, record-setting 36 league players, we doubled last year's inaugural league match!

In addition, the food and drink were great and plentiful, and the crowd of observers numbered at least 25 men, women, and kids. As the The Pinball Asylum continues to grow, we hope to bring you even more improvements in our space, events and game selection.

The 1st Match's machines were a mix of Asylum favorites, and recent additions-- Taxi (Williams, 1988), Paragon (Bally, 1978), Aztec (Williams, 1976), Hook (Data East, 1992), and Dragon (Interflip, 1977).

CONGRATS to the WINNER, our long-time pal and Inmate, Ray Woods with 21 points.
(Ray has played in the previous two seasons, missing quite a few matches, but still was only one place off the top 8 in 2017. Hope to see more of RW this season!)

Matt Malone not only took 2nd Place in the 2017 Asylum League Finals, but he also took 2nd Place last night with 19 points. (It's a long season, but Malone is reportedly practicing lots of pinball these days-- so watch out 2018 Finalists-- he says he's gunning for you already!)

A 3-Way tie for 3rd Place included Charlie Jankowski, Michael Marks, and Scott Kakavis with 18 points each.
(Glad to see Charlie, one of our very newest Inmates, playing well and looking like he's going to stick around for a while.  "Dr. Mike" Marks is playing his third season with our league. Mike typically plays very well, and more importantly, always looks like he's having fun. And we are very happy that Scott K. joins the league again this year, bringing his sense of humor, and pinball skill whenever he shows up. Scott is also running The Nice Guys Pizza Pinball League-- for more info check Facebook or email us.)

4th Place was a tie between Ceil Beagle and Dan Coyle, both with 17 points. 
(Ceil is always a welcome sight at the Asylum. She's both a fine player and a real sharp cookie. We look forward to seeing her direct The Asylum's first Women's Division Tournament later this month. Dan Coyle is another GREAT and WELCOME new addition to our league. No stranger to The Asylum, or the top ranks of Florida pinball, Dan is also owner of a few of the nicest looking machines in The Asylum.)

A record was set last night for the most Extra One Point Bonuses ever awarded, of which 3 points each were distributed to: Todd Baxter, Eric Leon, Matt Malone, Ceil Beagle, John Beagle,  Scott Kakavis, Linda Russell, Dan Coyle, Rebecca Rosenberg, Mike Marks, Lee Moscaritolo, Larry Hendricks, and Charlie Jankowski.

Detailed results here:

And a very special Asylum welcome to all 13 brand new players in our league! REALLY GREAT to see more women and folks under 30 showing up!  Keep coming back, dudes and dudettes. There's lots more pinball where that came from!

Our 2nd League Match is set for Thursday, FEBRUARY 8th, 6:30pm.

AND PLEASE don't forget our First Women's Division Tournament on Friday, January 26th and our 5th Annual Match-Play Tournament, on Saturday, January 27! SIGN-UP NOW!

We really appreciate ALL your amazing support, and hope to see ALL of you at these upcoming events!
When in Fort Myers, visit THE PINBALL ASYLUM!