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HELLO Florida Pinball Fans & fellow Pinball Asylum Inmates!

The 6th Annual Point Monsters Championship, held last weekend, was an amazing event in so many ways. We thank everyone for their participation and hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

The crowd was large, but thanks to our new expanded tournament area, and Karl DeAngelo's incredible DTM software, the wait times were short, and the space never felt crowded.  Nearly all of the tournament machines held up well after 25+ hours of pinball over 3 days.

The MAIN Pro Division was officially sold out at 40, but ended up with 37 players after some last minute cancellations. The WINNER of the GOLD MONSTER, and the honor of seeing his name on (another) banner in the rafters of The Asylum, was Atticus Palmer.  This is Atticus's second win, having taken home our top prize at our inaugural Point Monsters Championship in 2013. Atticus is a lot of fun to watch, and you can bet his dad Jeff enjoyed watching him win his second GOLD the most of any of us.

The field of players was extremely strong this year, with top-qualifier, young pinball dynamo Nick Mueller, taking home 2nd and the SILVER MONSTER. Nick played very well all weekend, and I'm sure we'll be seeing lots more of him.

Third Place, and the BRONZE MONSTER was taken home by long-time Asylum friend, and Inmate, Joel Cohen. Joel was right on the mark this year, and fought very hard for his win. Congrats Joel, on your first MONSTER, and probably not your last!

Our visiting Chicago Asylum Inmate, Vince Giannini grabbed 4th place. Vince came to town with his A-game this time, and very much deserved his spot on the dias. Nice going, Vince.

The CLASSICS Division this year including 27 players, and was won by the field's 8th best qualifier, who came from the bottom to reign undefeated over all her competitors.  We congratulate Ceil Beagle who is reportedly the first woman to win a major tournament in the state of Florida!  Ceil is not only a great tournament director here at The Asylum, she is also (obviously) a damn fine competitor. Go Ceil, go!

2nd in Classics was won by a new Asylum Inmate, but a longtime pinball competitor, Steve Marsh. 3rd was grabbed by another of our favorite Inmates, Kurt van Zyl.  The 4th spot was nailed by last year's Point Monsters Main Champ, the always tough competitor, Jeff Palmer.

The first incarnation of our new video monitoring system was up-and-running, and got good reviews from the players.  We also did our first Twitch broadcast which was pretty basic, but went well.  We still are adding more cameras, monitors and broadcasting gear as I write this, so look for more improvements at our 4th Annual PAPA-Style Tournament on August 18-19.

We'll be doing a report shortly on last weekend's excellent 2nd Asylum Women's Tournament, as well as our Amateur Division Tournament.  Look out for an email report on those in the next couple of days.

Once more, we thank you all for your support.

David, Matt, Matt, Mike, Jeff & Scott
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Re: RESULTS & REPORT: The Point Monsters Tournament Last Weekend
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Thanks for the updates!  Congrats to the winners.  I certainly was not in the winners column this time!
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