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FS/FT: Metallica LE #294, Family Guy, and Pinball Magic


MET LE - #294 HUO purchased from GEX by me.    Like new, just normal dimpling.  Cliffy on scoop since new.   $8000 obo

FGY - undocumented HUO, but pretty obvious this game has never seen an arcade.  Like new, just some dimpling.   A few upgrades like the Stewie pinball stickers, the backbox lighting, and the topper.   A bunch of extra spare parts come with the game as well.     $5000 obo

Pinball Magic - $4500  - I have listed this before for the tire kickers to drool over, nitpick and waste my time, but it's all wrapped up but still available if anyone wants to make a multigame deal. 

Looking for more kid-friendly themes, possibly Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek, Super Hero themes, etc.  Always open to trading so hit me up with offers.  Thanks!

Located in St Augustine Beach

Pinball Magic is sold.

Many, many offers on MET.  Mostly from west coasters on Pinside, I could ship it out to 3 different guys in CA right now.   But sort of dragging my feet seeing if any local offers or trade offers come in.   Ton of interest, just being picky for the right deal.

Family Guy I've had a few trade offers but nothing great.   I may put it in Family Mode and keep it for now since it's so nice, and a great player (and I still haven't made it to S-attack wizard mode!).

All 3 machines have deals pending or have left the building.  Thanks!

John I:
Awesome!  Some happy new homes.


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