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For Sale 25 playfields, backglasses, etc., lot


Pretty much done with the hobby, take em all. Would like the whole lot sold at once, about $7000 with other parts, make me an offer on the lot.
Pics at Wildwood4.


Twister (90% populated) nice $400
Space Jam (90% populated) nice $400
Caveman w/some plastics $75
Grand Slam (populated) rare $225
Beat The Clock w/ plastics rare $225
Magic w/ plastics and apron rare nice $650
Hurricane nice $325
Timeline (populated) nice rare $400
Operation Thunder $150
Judge Dredd mylar pulled w/ apron nice $350
Panthera (populated) nice rare $700
Attila The Hun w/ plastics rare $225
Stellar Wars w/ plastics $250
Checkpoint w/ plastics $125
Supersonic w/ plastics $50
Timewarp w/ plastics $125
Goldball w/ plastics $100
Kings Of Steel w/ plastics $100
Disco Fever $25
Disco Fever (populated) $125
Millionaire (populated) $250
Eightball (populated) $250
Gorgar w/ plastics $175
Flash Gordon $150


Goldball mirrored $120
Kings of Steel mirrored $120
Road Kings translight w/ plexi $75

I have other parts, playfields, translights, coils, legs, etc., I can throw in. Make me an offer on the lot.


So I have to move my woodworking shop and need these gone soon, if no sale they will probably go outside under a tarp to rot, really don't care anymore. Can use the space they are taking up. Flame suit on.

sold gone


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