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Party: Saturday night July 2nd 8pm

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This would be off topic but since pinballs will be played its not! lol, im having a big house party saturday night at my house starting at 8pm and stopping who knows when. There will be pinballing,arcades, beer pong and whatever trouble we can find! All are welcome and if you need a place to crash there will be plenty of room. If you plan on coming send me a pm and ill give you my address or if you know where i live you can just show up! I hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of july weekend!!!

Now that's my kinda party!  Wish we could make this one but we already had plans. Next time!!!  You guys have a blast!

Sounds like fun. I would love to make it but I have to work.  :(

looks iam going to tampa after ft myers i will try to make it

I have family down so I won't be able to attend


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