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It's called The Pinball Arcade by Farsight Studios, the same guys that did Pinball hall of fame Gottlieb and Williams. It's coming for every next gen gaming system except wii, it's also coming to the Nintendo 3DS and the not yet released Playstation Vita (new Handheld). It will include games by Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, and Stern, The first four games will be Black hole from Gottlieb, Tales from the arabian night from Williams, Theatre of Magic from Bally and Ripley's Believe it or not from Stern. Then their will be 2 new tables every month for Download content, it sounds to good to be true for me, here's a video of it.                   INTRODUCING: The Pinball Arcade

This is out now for iOS. My mini review: 
Physics are better than Zen Pinball, but the textures and ball reflections need work.
RBION has frame rate issues.
Got grand Champion on TOTAN after a couple of plays!
It's $10 for all 4 launch tables.  Stern looks to be the most expensive.

Great game with LOTS of potential. Already have announced AFM for later this year.
They are crammed with releasing this on all major platforms, so be patient. I'm sure later updates will take care of any issues. They are committed to the project, and it's nice to have 4 "real" tables in the palm of my hand.  I'm astonished that between the 4 games, they managed to get different flipper types and match the physics so it feels different between them all!

Making of Pinball Arcade    This is the making of The Pinball Arcade.

Pinball Arcade first         and these two games are the first Download tables to come out, their are many, many, more too come. I'll bring my Playstation Vita in November to the show, so people who havn't seen it can. I will probably have tons of other games on it too by then, like Monster Bash, Attack from mars, Circus Voltaire and a bunch of others.


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