Author Topic: Short Tour of Maitland & WP, Food and Stuff While you are in Town  (Read 1825 times)

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Well, guys, this is my neck of the woods.  I grew up in Maitland from 7th grade to High School.
In fact I went to Cotillion in The Maitland center where SPF will be. The Lake next door was a dirt road, and I would park my 68 GTO at the lake and make out with my date.....I married her.

Just wanted to share some info for anyone coming from out of town.


We have a Bucca De Peppo, damn good Italian food, just south on 17-92, 1/2 mile.
$10 off coupons float around town.
A Ran Getsu, a bit pricier opened in that direction as well.

Across the street is the Enzian, which is an Artsy Dinner and Movie with unique food, an outdoor bar, and they show free outdoor movies...classics, cult classics, sci fi. I dont know what or if out door will be showing, but a good place to kick back.

Further up the road of 17-92, also not more then 4 miles is Winter Park Village.
Anchored by movie theatre, you'll find Cheescake factory, PF Changs,Italian, Japanese, a Pizzeria, Seafood.

If you like BBQ, 4 Rivers is on Fairbanks by I-4. Prepare for a line up to 1/2 hour. It is freakin great BBQ.
A phone in order and a runner would fill a belly very well from playing.
If you are there or an I4 and you have not been to Skycraft, it is a must if you like LED;s parts, solder, everything.
It has a flying saucer on the roof, and if you tinker it is a must!!!!

Not much I can recommend North on 17-92 except Jeremiahs Ices, also 2 miles in the north direction.

Last up is Park Avenue. It starts with a fork in the road about 2 miles from the pins.
My office is there, if anyone wants to see slots, or other stuff, get your wife a Swarovski Pinball Necklace...sorry no pins there.
I will be going Saturday.  A drive up Park avenue to Fairbanks will treat you to Old Florida with new mansions,
The Morse Gallery which has the largest collection of Tiffany glass, lamps, etc. AMAZING!!!!
Free on Friday, I think $5.00 otherwise. Take an hour break with your lady grab lunch, take her to the gallery,
and a walk for some window shopping.

I encourage everyone who has not seen the heart of Central Florida to drive up Park avenue.
There are a dozen out door restaurants from Turkish food, to the East, Chocolate, Ice cream, etc..
It ends at Rollins College.

In the Maitland Winter Park area are dozens of Parks and Lakes, and with its 130 year history,
a 1/2 hour drive around is interesting. There is a scenic boat tour of the lakes and mansions that is quaint and fun.

Should anyone need any help, store a pin, forgot something, Questions etc. Please feel free to call.

See everyone there.

Art 407-721-7234

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Re: Short Tour of Maitland & WP, Food and Stuff While you are in Town
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Thanks for all the great info.  I have been over to Skycraft a few times recently.  It is hard to describe how awesome that place is.  Everyone should just go and walk every isle.  I wanted to eat at Four Rivers, but the line was just too long.  I ate at another BBQ place up on Lee Road called Bubbalou's.  It is really good, but not as good as Four Rivers.

See you there!

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