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The Walking Dead teaser clips posted

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The show won't be back til Feb, but Bloody Disgusting has two clips now.
I prefer not to give spoilers, so if you're not caught up on the series you might want to wait.


The series has been uneven, but the last season finale was pretty good.

John I:
I need to catch up on the Walking Dead from the beginning.  I've only seen one episode.  We just finished up on Game of Thrones and the most recent season of Dexter.  Both were awesome.  Looking forward to the new season of Californication starting this Sunday night!

As you know Elaine is a big Smallville fan.  We'll be getting the final season Blu Rays from Netflix soon.  I'm sure I'll have to suffer through a few of them...


My entire family sits down to watch this series like as if our lives depended on it. We love this show!

season one was great.

in my eyes and the family (we all sit down to watch it as well), season two sucked. i stopped after the 4th episode, or whenever SPOILER INFO DELETED, SORRY=Spencer (I will check to add white as font choice for high-lightable spoilers)

i'll give it another chance in season 3, but the recent direction / writing left me watching reruns of COPS. :P

"season two sucked. i stopped after the 4th episode"

How can you say that Season 2 "sucked" if you stopped watching it after the 4th episode???

There are more than double (13 Vs 6) episodes in season Two so things will take longer to play out.  The mid-season finale provides just a hint of what will become the long term tone of the show. Stick with it brother... lots of good stuff is coming.  Bry

  P.S. As good as the show is, the comics it is based on are superior. I would suggest that anyone who has not already done so Check them out... you will be happy that you did :)


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